Village Elder


途中Village Elder以外混ざってるハズ

■1.Our First Enemy
  • Clubmen killed 0/8 棍棒戦士を8匹殺せ
  • Treasure Discovered 0/2 財宝を2つ発見せよ

■2.Food Equals Villaers
Berry patches found 0/2 果実畑を2つ見つけろ
Fishing Spots found 0/2 釣り場を2つ見つけろ
Deer heads found 0/2 鹿の群れを2つ見つけろ
Food Gathered 0/250 食料を250集めろ
Villagers trained 0/5 村人を5人養成せよ

■3.Shorten the Distance
Unlock the Storehouse at your Palace in your Capital City
Unlock the Storehouse at the Palace

■4.Wood Equals Buldings
Use your Villagers to gather Wood and buid a Storehouse.
Build Houses and train Villagers to increase your total population.
Storehouse bult 0/1 貯蔵庫を1つ建てる
Wood Gathered 0/200 木を200集める
House Built 0/1 家を1件建てる
Total Population 0/15 総合人口を15人にする

■5.Gear Haul
Use the blueprint in your inventory to construct a Gear Hall in your Capital City
Gear Hall Built in Capital city 0/1
Gear HallをCapital city に建てろ

■6.Eliminating a threat
Build a Barracks to produce an army of Spearmen,
and use them to destroy all of the buildings belonging to the Followers of Autolycus.

Gold Gathered 0/200 金を200集めろ
Barracks Built 0/1 兵舎を1つ建築せよ
Spearmen trained 0/10 槍兵を10人養成せよ
Enemies Defeated 敵に勝て

■7.Bronze age technology
Unlock your choice of Bronze Age technologies at the Palace in your Capital City.
Unlock a bronze age technology at the palace

■8.Bright lights, Big City
Visit the ciry of Mycenae and offer to assist the Mycenaean Trader.
He is willing to provide you with blueprints needed for your Capital City,
if you agree to help him.
ミケーネのciryを訪問してください、そして、Mycenaean Traderを補助すると申し出てください。
Visit the City of Mycenae
Help the Mycenaean Trader

■9.Help the Mycenaean trader
Help the Mycenaean Trader rebuild his village.
Use your starting resources to repair the Town Center and upgrade it to Age II.
Then build Farms and rescue his captured family menbers with your Transport.
Town center repaired 0/1
age II reached
wood gathered 0/400
farms built 0/4
familly members rescued by transport 0/10

■10.Mow'em down!
Defeat the Followers of Autolycus with the help of
Advisor Matius' Somatophylax,Hypaspist,Toxotes,and Triremes.

War lodges destroyed 0/5
Huts Destroyed 0/15
Bandit war leaders killed 0/4

■11.Get the goods
Locate and recover the stolen Merchant Carts from the Followers of Autolycus.

merchant carts located 0/7
merchant carts returned 0/7

■12.A show of support
Clear paths through the Followers of Autolycus so the Refugees can reach your Town Center
refugees reached safety 0/35 35人の難民が安全なところに到着する

■13.Have ambassador, will travel
Learn about other areas of the world by speaking with your City Ambassador.
Talk to the city Ambassador

■14.Here they come!
Defend the Town Center from the Followers of Autolycus.
town center must survive 15:00 町の中心を15分間残存させる。

■15.Crafter's Calling
Use the blueprint in your Inventory to construct a Crafting Hall in your Capital City.
Crafting hall built in capital city 0/1
Blueprint store built in capital city 0/1
→And the crafting begins! Be sure to select a Crafting School.

■Village Elder
■16.We found them
Destroy the base belonging to the Followers of Autolycus.
→ Hetairoi (火炎騎兵) の強さを試すクエスト

■Village Elder
■17.Helping out a neighbor
Defend the outervillage of Sicyon by defeating Thyestes' armies.
Ally's Town Center Must Survive Enemies Defeated

■Village Elder
■18.Advisor Protection
Required technology Guard tower [Research at Palace]
Protect Sicyon's Advisor Hall.
Advisor hall must survive 10:00

■Village Elder
■19.I'd like an advisor with that hall
Use the blueprint in your inventory to construct an Advisor Hall in your Capital City.
Advisor hall built in Capital City 0/1

■Village Elder
■20.Helping Agamemnon
Speak with Agamemnon.
Talk to Agamemnon

Agamemnon 04.Reclaiming the throne終了後

■Village Elder
■21.Visit king agamemnon
The Village Elder would like you to talk to King Agamemnon in Mycenae.
Vist King Agamemnon


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